Rendition Jewelry


Rendition Jewelry is a line of jewelry we developed that serves to tell the story of Jesus Christ and what he has done for us.  It is a rendition of the “Wordless Book” that has been used for many, many years to tell this story (though the number of colors used, their order, and meaning have varied modestly over time). 


The word “rendition” means, primarily, an interpretation. This jewelry simply represents one version of the Wordless Book story.  Interestingly, the word "rendition" also has lesser-known definitions which are quite appropriate in the discussion of God, His plan for our lives, and what can happen when we trust Him:


ren-di-tion (n.)     

  1. An interpretation
  2. A translation
  3. A surrender
  4. The act of causing to become


Rendition jewelry incorporates seven colors, five of which are those most commonly found in the traditional Wordless Book (in the middle: black, red, white, gold and green). The two additional colors have been added by some, and, to us, add significant meaning to the story (purple, blue):




This represents royalty. God sits on the throne in control of all, and has since the beginning. This is His message to us, communicated to us through His Living Word, the Bible.




Black represents the sin that is in all of us, passed down since the beginning of man. We all have sin, which separates us from a loving God, but there is hope…




A sacrifice was required to atone for our sins. Instead of condemning us, God sent His son Jesus to die in our stead. Only the blood of His sinless Son was acceptable.




While sin still exists in our lives, it is “washed as white as snow" and forgiven by God, but ONLY when we believe that He indeed sent His Son to die for us.



Upon believing that Jesus died for us, we are offered comfort in this life, and an eternal place in Heaven afterward---a prize worth even more than gold.




Upon believing in Jesus, we continue to grow in our faith, learning to trust that He is in control and only wants the best for us. We live for Him more and more every day.




Our faith in what God has done for us is of greater value when shared with others (as God commands us to do).  Blue can represent our baptism in water, which is an outward confession of faith---a witness to others.


All of our Rendition jewelry includes a "story" sheet with the color descriptions to remind us of what God has done for us, as well as helping us witness to others!